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We Live To Help You Become Better

We started as a club to empower young teenagers and kids to empower and defend themselves in Cumming Georgia. Since then we have grown into a family that is deeply rooted in our community with spirit and love for martial arts.

Self Defense





  • Train to make your techniques second nature.
  • Fight like it is a battle not just a sport.
  • Learn to defeat your worst enemy, the mental image of your our faults.

Aiki Jiu-Jitsu

cma-throw1Aiki Jiu-Jitsu is derived from jujitsu which exemplifies self-defense in martial arts.  It further expands and fine tunes the form to include more aggressive techniques which mirrors the way of the samurai when caught without a weapon. Popular forms  such as such as Brazilian Jujitsu, all use the  principles of jujitsu including Aiki Jiu jitsu.  These forms concentrate  primarily on grapples, throws, joint manipulations,  and the use of an opponent’s momentum against him.

Karate & Kobudo

kaliKarate is the most popular form of martial arts and it means – “empty hands”.  It involves balanced strikes from and to all parts of the body favoring none in particular.  This portion of our training is mainly used in “stand up forms” and pressure points. The practice of Kobudo includes the use of weapons.  In particular it employs the use of Okinawan style /set weapons and when translated it means – “the ancient way”.  Weapons included staffs, sticks, said and many more unique weapons or tools used in everyday life that can be transformed into a weapon.


Shihan Ian Evans
Shihan Ian EvansChief Instructor
With 35 years in the martial arts Shihan Evans has earned black belts in Kuroshi-do, Yama Aiki Jiu-Jitsu, Tea Kwondo, and various certifications in other arts. Over the years winning many awards and tournaments.
Sensei Aaron Pagenkopf
Sensei Aaron PagenkopfInstructor
Training directly under Shihan Ian Evans for over eight years relentlessly in the dojo 5 to 6 days a week. Constantly building his technique scribing his lessons and training. He has also been directly teaching beginner students for the last three years.
Sensei Roger Guerrier
Sensei Roger GuerrierInstructor
With 10+ years of experience in multiple martial arts also holding the rank of first-degree black belt in Kempo. Sensei Roger has been the primary teacher for our open mat format classes. Leading by example competing in tournaments alongside his students.
Sensei Surya Ati
Sensei Surya AtiInstructor
With 12 years experience already earning a third-degree black belts in the American tae kwon do Association. Surya trained from white belt all the way to black belt. Becoming gifted fighter and the captain of Team Tsunami competition team.
Mindy Jones Lee
Mindy Jones LeeKick boxing Instructor
Instructor at Cumming Martial Arts.
Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach at C.H.E.K Institute level 5
Fitness Professional at Life Time Fitness
Keith Noval
Keith NovalAssistant Instructor
Assistant Instructor at Cumming Martial Arts.
Over 24 Years in the martial arts.
Training in American Kickboxing Shotokan and Judo
With his entire family training and competing in training and tournaments.
Demetrice Hood
Demetrice HoodAssistant Instructor
Assistant Instructor at Cumming Martial Arts.
Owner of Just Insane Fitness
Personal Trainer
Fitness Professional at Life Time Fitness
Justin Kim
Justin KimAssistant Instructor
Assistant Instructor at Cumming Martial Arts.
Training under Shihan Evans for the last 5 years.
Teaching the first time students, the white and yellow belt classes.
Justin has gained a great mastery of the cane as a weapon.
Brent Lackley
Brent LackleyAssistant Instructor
Assistant Instructor at Cumming Martial Arts.
Training under Shihan Evans for the last 4 years.
A long time Chinese martial artist and wrestling for years.
Brent has the Title of Uchi Deshi “the inside student” which is an honored
position as the student that helps and learns the most.