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Kickboxing  & Fitness


Ready for a new routine with one of the best fitness cardio workouts. Kickboxing helps you lose weight, tone muscle, increase energy  There are many benefits to this form of workout:

  • Our professional instructors will guide you through the class at your own pace. When you are ready for more of a challenge, they will turn up the pace. Beginners are welcome.
  • Burn 700-900 Calories
  • Hit real heavy bags Wavemaster XXL bags provide the proper resistance to tone your arms, abs, and legs and increase your heart rate & cardio. Plus, punching something is fun and relieves stress.
  • Lose weight up to 4x faster than traditional workouts. It is not uncommon to lose 5-10 lbs in your first month.
  • With a dynamic program you never do the same class twice we keep you mentally sharp and force your muscles to work in different ways.

mindybioT F.I.T.

(Targeted Functional Integrated Training)

Taught by Mindy Jones Lee

“see what her clients are saying”

Go beyond traditional strength training with this advanced, total body functional strength training class. I will challenge your muscular endurance as well as balance and coordination by moving through all planes of motion with multi-joint and compound exercises.

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