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At Cumming Martial Arts, everything we do from top to bottom is geared towards  the students development of high quality techniques vs earning belts .

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This is one of tnory1he best dojos in Georgia, the instructor really cares about his students and demonstrates techniques at all levels. The kids have fun, and most important learn life skills that will take them to leadership positions in the future. I would recommend cumming martial arts to anyone I know

Nory Lugo-Capella

Senseicrobsy-4I taught Judo and self-defense for many years, and also have a black belt in Tae KwonDo. I am very impressed by what I see here. Sensei Evans is top notch in every regard!
Jon Crosby

rookminPart of my son’s humility is due to you and your dojo… You teach more than self defense… You instill life lessons and an artistic form that inspires strength, build character and always supports future growth !!! Davind  and I are so proud of how hard he trains and the investment you as his sensei and your dojo staff have made in him. Thank you.

-Rookmin Maharaj

allyI highly recommend CMA – they do it right!!!!! Emphasis is placed on perfecting the art rather than belt promotion. We did a great deal of research before selecting a place for our son to train & are confident we made the BEST decision!”

– Ally Ponte